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Global Investment Opportunities for Institutions and Individuals

Venture and Core Portfolio Management

EVP's Venture Capital model aims to be both sustainable and disruptive. We utilize a network of CVCs to source opportunities from around the globe.  AI and other proprietary tools significantly enhance Investment Committee insights and reduce cognitive biases.  Finally, an acceleration team that founded and managed accelerators for giants like Google, Microsoft, and Deloitte, helps each portfolio company run their company like a world-class institution. 

Outside of venture, our Fund of Funds contains a portfolio of Equities, Fixed Income, Arbitrage, and AI trading strategies, utilizing the expertise of multiple traders to preserve capital and provide absolute returns to our investors in all market conditions.

World Class Sourcing |  High Predictive ROI | Expert Community 

At Emergent, we source our VC deal flow using a semi-proprietary methodology of screening and analysis. Our principle deal-flow comes from Corporate VCs which our acceleration team advises. Investment decisions are aided by using collective human intelligence and Bayesian AI (artificial intelligence). 

Emergent Venture Partners, LLC (EVP) is an independent investment management firm registered in Delaware. EVP is focused on providing high value-added, venture capital and fund of fund opportunities to sophisticated clients globally. Emergent Venture Partners Limited Partnership (EVPLP) is an exempt reporting advisor registered with the Utah Division of Securities. EVP and EVPLP are collectively, with their parent company and affiliates, referred to as Emergent Venture Partners or EVP herein.

This website does not constitute an offer or recommendation by EVP of securities or services to, or a solicitation by EVP of an offer to buy securities or services from, any person residing in a jurisdiction in which such an offer or solicitation would be unlawful under the applicable laws and regulations. Materials on this website are informational only and should not be taken as investment recommendation or advice of any kind whatsoever (whether impartial or otherwise).

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