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Emergent Venture Partners began as a group that wanted to improve the way global capital was invested into the innovation economy. We approach the traditional VC model with a meta-mathematical mindset, utilizing AI and other advanced machine learning tools in the deal sourcing and selection process. Now, we work with numerous large CVC in a symbiotic relationship, helping them understand which opportunities to invest in and advising their portfolio companies. We then aim to co-invest in the deals we feel especially confident in. Our acceleration team has deployed over $400M into over 500 companies, and has an unrivaled track record when it comes to positive venture outcomes. 

EVP also offers a fund-of-funds to address investor's core portfolio needs. This fund utilizes a multi-manager approach to simultaneously provide enhanced wealth preservation and absolute investment returns.

For more information about any of our opportunities, please reach out directly.

World Class Sourcing |  High Predictive ROI | Expert Community 

At Emergent, we source deal flow from investment partners, headlined by top accelerators, investment groups, and universities. We gather data from diverse teams of experts who provide prospective, experience, and education to evaluate opportunities and reduce collective team prediction error. Finally, we make decision using collective human intelligence with AI that gets more accurate with each analysis. 

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