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Emergent Venture Partners began as a group of individuals that wanted to improve the way global capital was invested into the innovation economy. We are all entrepreneurs at heart. As we have grown from a simple VC to now offering family office services, core portfolio management, hedge, and a LMM fund, we have tried to maintain that innovative spirit in the application of everything we do. 

EVP works only with Qualified Purchasers and Institutional Buyers, as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

World Class Sourcing |  High Predictive ROI | Expert Community 

At Emergent, we source deal flow from investment partners, headlined by top accelerators, investment groups, and universities. We gather data from diverse teams of experts who provide prospective, experience, and education to evaluate opportunities and reduce collective team prediction error. Finally, we make decision using collective human intelligence with AI that gets more accurate with each analysis. 

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